Wood Cut Outs

Our wood cutouts are not only beautiful, but they are also versatile and durable, making them the perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Here are some ways our wood cutouts can enhance the arrangements created by Wood Flower Florists

Pricing Guide

At R&M Creations 3:16 LLC, we're dedicated to crafting stunning, long-lasting wood florals that are both natural-looking and visually pleasing. Our flowers are handcrafted and painted, giving you the freedom to personalize colors and styles to suit your event's unique theme. 

We take pride in providing a seamless, enjoyable experience for our customers. Our services include consultation, idea generation, design, and creation of beautiful pieces that you'll treasure for years to come. 

Here is a list of our special occasion florals and their starting prices. Keep in mind that all starting prices are a baseline and the final cost will depend on the size, add-ons, and overall design of the piece.