About us

Meet the designers!

We are Roger and Maria, and we are the designers and artisans behind R&M Creations 3:16.

We started our journey in 2020 in the midst of changes world wide. Our hearts were called to create pieces that would be used as part of creating a home environment for refugee families coming to the US, mainly relocating to the Phoenix metro area. Then Covid-19 made our dream shift directions. R&M Creations 3:16 LLC was born and grew to this amazing venture with purpose to bring beauty and joy through our wood flowers, home decor and gifts!

In early 2022 we grew again and added custom laser engraving services to the list of services we provide. This allowed us to expand our list of collections and creations.


Maria is the wood flower florist and designer and has participating in fresh flower arrangement classes and designed as well as participated on the inaugural Wood Flower Florist Conference in Cape Cod, Mass. (April 2022). 

Roger has an extent background on manufacturing and calibration technician and now brings his knowledge into the laser world and important part of creating and putting all of our pieces together!

Our dream continues to serve and give back to our community perhaps in a slight different way. In early 2022 along with other wood flower florist through out the country we decided to join in the movement and in the month of February launched the campaign "Sponsor a stem for a Senior". We are grateful the community rallied to help and bring joy to our seniors at two 2 different facilities in the Mesa Arizona area, and we are hoping in the coming years be able to add more facilities and spread joy for our seniors.

We are grateful for all of you who have supported our small business and continue to be part of this journey!


Roger and Maria