Are flowers real wood?

Yes! The flowers are made out of  Sola wood (Shola) which is Tapioca & Yucca plant. The wood is very light, corky texture and kind of spongy feeling. They are biodegradable as well as eco-friendly. Since these are wood flowers the wood might have some knots but that is what makes them unique. 

Are the flowers hand made or machine made?

All flowers are handmade. Some of the styles are custom made by me when custom ordered or those styles that are hard to find with wholesalers. But all flowers are hand made one by one by artisans and no flower is exactly the same they are all unique and beautiful. 

Can they be painted in different colors?

 Absolutely! this is the beauty of these flowers that they can be dyed in different colors and add fine details, for depth and texture. We can custom match colors to match your color theme!

What is the care needed for the flowers?

The flowers are super easy to care for, simply use a hair dryer in a cool setting and from a little of distance to dust them off.

Also keep in mind these flowers are made of wood and can last for a very long time yet they are still fragile and delicate so they need to be handled with care. 

The flowers are not meant to be outdoors or expose to sun or humidity for continuous and extended period of time.

What are your refund, cancellation and exchange policies?

Unexpected things can happen and are truly sorry if an item arrived damaged. We understand accidents can happen but once  items have left our hands is out of our control how carriers will handle the packages. We strive to pack and secure your items the best way possible to avoid any damages and prevent any issues. If your package arrives damaged please make sure to contact me immediately take photos of the packaging from all angles, the damages of the items and send photos to us via email at info@rmcreations316.com We will do our best to make it good by replacing the broken or damaged flowers and give you instructions how to replace them (we do not accept returns).

We do not accept exchanges or cancellations.

No refunds will be issued. 

What if I change my mind on a custom order?

We will only allow 2 changes during design process, once order is in production any change or additional request will have an additional fee depending on the request. No change request will be accepted once items are in production. All custom orders should be placed at least 3 weeks in advance. No changes will be done within the 3 week period of expected delivery or shipping.

Can I have my item sooner? 

In certain items we might allow to move up the line and get it ready sooner for an additional fee. Please message us for availability.


Shipping and processing fees

We strive to get the best rates for shipping, and those will be provided once  order is placed. Some of our items are available for immediate shipping and some others are made to order. Each item description will indicate if they are made to order or currently available. Please see our shipping times on our home page.