Collection: Wood Flower Blooms

Wood flowers are handcrafted using natural materials, with sola wood sourced from the root of a tapioca plant, which is a tropical species belonging to the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. Other plants in this family include poinsettias and castor oil plants. The tapioca plant is also known by several names such as cassava, manioc, arrowroot, and sometimes yuca. Cassava (Tapioca) plants thrive in tropical climates and are exceptionally resistant to drought.

 Our exquisite flowers are meticulously handmade from organic, eco-friendly materials, especially the soft and delicate sola wood. Each piece is airbrushed, dip-dyed, and hand-painted with great attention to detail, resulting in a lifelike and delicate color application. They are often paired with artificial greenery for an authentic appearance when placed among real flowers. Each flower is distinct and deliberately imperfect, showcasing natural elements like wood grains, bark, cracks, knots, and various hues.

 These durable flowers are versatile and fully customizable, suitable for any season and ideal for weddings, gifts, or home decor.