We are Wood Flower Florists!

We are Wood Flower Florists!

This past April we got the opportunity to be part of the Inaugural Wood Flower Florists Conference & Retreat in Falmouth Mass. This was an amazing experience and highly recommend anyone who might be interested in either getting into the Wood Flower world  or to connect with other Wood Flower Florists. 

The conference was very carefully planned, with excellent keynote speakers, great topics not only applicable to Wood Flowers but also key for growing our business and creating a presence in the market. Anyone would think awesome! it can not get better than this. Well let me tell you. YES! it can.

The conference did not only helped to achieve insight, knowledge and explore new techniques and the introduction of new products and flowers but it also created lifelong friendships and a community. All florists were excited to be part of it and you could feel in the air the sense of sisterhood. It truly felt as if it was a reunion where all your friends from all over the US gathered to celebrate and be together. 

Sometimes running a small business can be daunting, there are so many roles that come into place to have a successful business. The journey of an entrepreneur can feel lonely but not when you have a community like the Wood Flower Florists by your side.  The support of the "Sisters" from the Wood Flower Conference is just amazing. Is a community that is transcendent, the camaraderie among all participants, the selfless giving of all the speakers sharing all their knowledge and heart for the craft was motivating and uplifting. It was truly a retreat to refresh, renew and inspire!

The Wood Flower Florists Conference demonstrates their values!


We are a positive, encouraging & inclusive community of like-minded wood flower enthusiasts & business professionals promoting education, collaborating and networking to benefit individual and industry success.


Wood Flower Florists, Connect - Inspire - Renew
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